08 October 2011

Sony go through with "PSN Pass"

Sony has confirmed that a "pass" will be needed to play any used games on the Playstation network in the near future.  At first, this was just something that was going to be tested with the release of resistance 3, but now Sony has given the green light to push it on all Playstation games that have access to the Playstation Network.

What this system will do is assign each game a key, and each key will be assigned to a PSN ID.  Once this code has been used on a PSN ID, it will allow that player to access the game's online content.  If, for whatever reason, the game is sold or traded, a new key will need to be purchased at the price of $10 USD.

Essentially what Sony's doing at this point is grabbing at more money.  They want to get their hands in the used game market and leech just that much more money from their customers; a "moneygrab", if you will.  Now, I've never really been a big fan of Sony, but I never thought they'd pull something like this.  With this trend in gaming of things like Call of Duty Elite and this PSN Pass becoming acceptable, what can we look forward to in the near future?


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