30 August 2010

Fresh roasted Iraqi's anyone?

(A soldier holding the PHaSR rifle)

No, this isn't something out of a live-action Buck Rogers movie, this is actually the PHaSR(Personal Halting and Stimulation Response) rifle.  This little piece of equipment can be aimed at a target and used to blind any biological entity; in this case, it's Iraqi's.

The weapon's effects seem to be temporary and probably won't be making anyone burst into flames, but one can't help but think, "What's next?"  To that, I would have to give you nothing more than a shoulder shrug.  Between our tank melting "Direct Energy Weapon" and high energy lasers that will shoot down missiles, something tells me a nuke won't be our biggest problem for long.

(The "Dazzler", which can cause temporary blindness)

I have read some unsupported claims that this gun can also make the victim feel as though he/she is on fire.  Haven't found any sources to back that up as of yet.


  1. Spontaneous combustion is actually time-traveling bandits with sniper rifles with this technology....I guess

  2. I guess they just decided to go back and set some unsuspecting ass hole on fire, then? Sweet zombie Jesus, that sounds like fun.

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