31 August 2010


Sorry... couldn't resist the urge to continue making abbreviations.

Now, even though I don't really like to do more than one update per day, not that anyone's reading them anyway, something was brought to my attention recently.  ATI, for all the reasons that matter, is dead.  As many of you may know, the company was bought out by AMD a few years ago.  Since it wasn't that big of a deal, AMD allowed the name ATI to stick around, but in light of recent events, which will be explained later, AMD has taken out the name ATI for good.

What AMD has done is create a new kind of CPU, which would combine the duties of both the processor and the graphics card, and thought that having both AMD and ATI floating around would confuse people.  Thought the brand Radion will still be used, ATI, as stated before, is dead.

VIA Kotaku

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  1. We will all miss the beloved title ATI, I'm sure. It was much easier to say 'Ah-tie', than 'ahmd.'