29 August 2010

A whole new level of Facebook douchebaggery

As most of you already know, social networking has gone beyond what it was once meant to. From reconnecting with old friends, staying in touch with current ones and the occasional date/hookup, most thought there wasn't much more to it... Then came social "gaming". Games that take no skill, only hours of time to absorb. Click this, click that, fill out a survey or pay money for "special favors", etc.(I.E. Farmville, Zoo World, Restaurant City, just to name a few)

Then comes some smart ass with a dry sense of humor and a great sense of business; thus, Cow Clicker was born.

In this game, you may click a cow an alloted amount of times per day.  That's it.  Click the cow.  You are awarded nothing, no money, no items, just a satisfying moo.  After said click, you may pay an amount of "mooney"(the game's form of premium currency) to skip the wait period between clicks.

As I stated before, the game has currency for premium content.  This content ranges from different colored cows, to cows with themes such as the Emoo Cow(USD $3.00 or 300 Mooney), Cobra Cow(USD $5.00 or 500 Mooney) and even the extravagant Bling Cow(USD $100.00 or 10,000 Mooney).  Needless to say, I have now lost a little more faith in humanity knowing that people actually pay to click a cow every couple of hours, or even to have a new cow to click.  May god have mercy on the human race.

1 comment:

  1. I may be interested in this if I were able to purchase a virtual American, a virtual fast food chain, and order a virtual chef to kill my virtual Angus Cow and serve me a virtual Angus Burger. Sadly, due to recent events, I do not believe human virtual engineering will be able to progress this far.