01 September 2010

First the iTouch XXL, now the iTouch mini?

So, if you didn't think apple could get any more unoriginal, you were so wrong it actually hurts. Apple has now released another variation of the iTouch... this time it's SMALLER! That's right, we've got a new iPod nano, and it features a touch screen that's approx 1.7'', which is quite a bit smaller than the previous model, which sported a 2.2'' screen. It will retain the original 30-pin power adapter, which is standard for all ipods.

It comes with all the amenities we've come to expect from apple (Multiple colors, multi-touch, hold button on the side, compatibility with iTunes, etc., etc.) and then some; we've got an FM radio tuner with this one!(Welcome to the 21st century, apple!) If you didn't care for the arm band for running, this one can clip on to your clothes, but only time will tell exactly how durable that's going to be.  Expect to dish out USD $149.00 for the 8GB model, USD $169 for the 16GB.

So, to recap, we got the iTouch XXL a couple of months ago, and now we're getting the iTouch mini with a back clip and an FM radio tuner.  Such innovation!

Or you could go buy a 16GB Zune HD for $157.54.

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