05 September 2010

Final Failtasy XIV Open Beta

As I'm sure no ones, because no one cares, the new Final Fantasy MMO has gone into open beta.  And, in contrast, as many people know but don't care about, I love betas.  As long developers are going to want more publicity and free labor for their game, there will be betas.  Whether these betas are closed or open, I will generally find a way to get into it.

Today, I signed up for the beta I was just speaking of, and I think it'd be appropriate for my first series of posts to be of my chronicles of this game.  I'll be throwing up one post at the end of each day, detailing my experience and the features I had screwed around with that day.  Though this day will be an exception,  technically there will be two posts regarding it, this one telling our small audience that I will be taking on this beta, and later will be about my experience today.

Though it'll have to wait for me to actually update this bloody game.  So far, the patcher has failed twice.  Not looking good, Square.

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