25 September 2010

Playing as a Dead Baby Has Never Been So Fun

Though the ones pictures do not include a dead baby, it does show off one of the new enemy types of the sequel, called The Pack.  They're a fairly quick physical orientated...thing.  Running up and tearing your face off with their elongated fingers is what they do best.

Onto the multiplayer beta.  It's actually fairly enjoyable.  There are two 'teams', the engineers, and the necromorphs.  (For those of you who don't know, necromorphs are the game's primary enemy.  And, by that, I mean a necromorph is a corpse infected by an alien virus that turns them into something really freaky.)  The engineers are tasked with accomplishing some goal based on the map, such as getting something so you can..do something, I'm not exactly sure what.  The other team, the necromorphs, are tasked with running mindlessly into the the engineering team and attempting to get a kill before having their limbs forcible removed.

Engineers get three weapons.  The Plasma Rifle, high fire rate, large clip, decent accuracy.  The Plasma Cutter, fires a line of plasma, either a vertical line or a horizontal line.  The third, and last available in the beta, is the javelin.  Using it sets a mine that will explode when triggered.  You know, how trip mines generally work.

Three of the necromorph classes are available, the  Pack, pictured above, the Lurker, and the Spitter.  Like I said before, the Pack is best at running into someone with the player mashing their attack button as fast as possible.  The Lurkers are possibly my favorite, they excel at chilling back and throwing spikes at the engineers.  Lurkers, are very interesting to me.  As you may have noticed, they have spike-tentacles coming out of their backs, which is their primary form of attack.  I mentioned the necromorphs getting their limbs removed, that's actually the only way to kill them.  Body shots do nothing, removing two or three limbs is the only why to stop one of them.

Lurkers, however..
Their life is measured by their tentacles, rather than their limbs.  This means that the more damage they take, the more tentacles they lose, and the less spikes they can shoot at once.

Finally, we have the Spitter.  She (I think) sits in the middle of the Lurker and the pack, having a chargeable..spit attack.  This have been my favorite class (to actually play, it was the concept of the lurker that I liked.)  But then, I've always liked medium-ranged classes.  The Spitter is fairly tanky, and has decent mobility.

You may have noticed that I haven't really said much about the Engineers.  That's because, well, they're just engineers.  If you've played the first Dead Space game, it's very similar to playing as Isaac from the first game.  Your life meter is on your back, you press a button to run, curb stomp, etc etc.

So, First Impressions:
Doesn't seem like much has changed, they've only added to the game.  From what I've seen, if you liked the first one, or want to know how the story continues, then go ahead and grab it.

Happy Hunting all,

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