08 September 2010

My apologies, dear reader.

     As you probably noticed if you check the blog daily, I have not lived up to my promises, and I am deeply sorry.  For the most part.  I should have posted this the day after I got Final Fantasy XIV running, but I'm fairly certain playing that game robbed me of part of my motivation.

     Partly, this is my fault.  I went into the game with the absolute wrong expectations.  I was thinking that I was going to experience a decently paced, action orientated game with an involving combat system, ala Demon's Souls.  That was stupid of me.  I took on these assumptions because I found options for a game pad while the patcher was patching, I neglected to realize it's still a Final Fantasy game, an MMO no less.

     This should not be taken as an accurate appraisal of the game.  By that, I mean my disappointment.  To phrase it another way, I picked up Rock Band over the weekend hoping to jump into matches and camp with a sniper rifle.  Doesn't make much sense, eh?

     So what I will be doing, is going back to the game some time tonight.  Personal obligations have gotten in the way of my making any kind of progress towards what I said I would do, and again, I am very sorry for that.  So.  Either late tonight, or sometime tomorrow, expect my write up of the game and of it's systems.

'nother thing, Skiddy set us up the bomb a twitter feed: go ahead and follow it, I'll be partially using it while playing FFXIV.

UPDATE:  I forgot to post the link.  Derp.

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