08 September 2010

The Future is Here [Pt. 2]

Researchers at the University of Utah have successfully translated human brain waves into words. This breakthrough in cybernetic technology will allow people to merely think to produce words on a computer screen. This could help patients who suffer from any number of ailments speak for the first time. As of now, the program/hardware only has a 48% accuracy rate when it comes to more complex 'motions', but a mind blowing 90% rate when it came to more simplistic actions such as saying yes or no.

Time will only tell where this technology will go in the future, perhaps we will see some sort of technology akin to what we was in the Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates", allowing people to live through a technological 'shell'. We could even see some sort of militaristic, gaming or any other number of technological breakthroughs with this technology... or this is just a ploy by the our cybernetic overlord to dig further into our brains.

Either way, we're in for some major advancements in the near future.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates, my faithful readers, I was lazy :\

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