10 September 2010

iTouch nano.... Watch?

If you didn't think these Apple 'innovations' could get any better, here's a good one.  The new iPod(iTouch nano) had a mysterious clip on the back of it.  Speculations of its use flew around the internet, and many thought it would be used to clip it on to your jeans and/or shirt.

So... Now we know its real use.

It's a watch!  That's right! We now have the ability to make our new iPod a freakin' watch.  So, if you've got your head so far up Jobs' rectum, you can pay a mere USD $17 to buy a strip of whatever that is to get yourself an iWatch!

I truly fear for the people(see sheep) who really go our and buy this gimmick.  Please, PLEASE, tell me that people aren't actually going to pay $17 to get a strip of this mystery fabric.  Not only does it make you look like a complete douche/hipster/Apple fanboy/sheep, it seems like it would get annoying if you actually... I don't know, listen to music on it.

Like I said, for this price, you could go buy 16GB Zune HD and, with this addition, a new set of semi-decent earbuds.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

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