28 December 2010

4chan... DDoS'd?

The asshole of the internet has been out assholed. I never thought this day would come, but 4chan is now down due to a DDoS attack . Some of you may be asking yourself, "what's a DDoS attack?", or "why should I care?". Well, the answer to those are this and "You shouldn't," respectively.

This DDoS comes in the wake of 4chan DDoSing anyone who wouldn't accept payments/donations to the infamous cable leaking sight, Wikileaks. These sights include, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and, most recently, Bank of America.

Honestly, I'm awaiting the impending shitstorm of faggots who were just smart enough to plug an IP into their LOIC and click a button, who call themselves "hackers", to retaliate. First, though, they'll need to find out who did it. My money's on Mastercard, or perhaps some people late to the Tumblr/4chan war... It could even be 4chan themselves, they're into this kind of thing :|

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