19 December 2010

I knew this day would come...

So, a couple of money hungry wireless companies carriers have openly spoken about charging us to use their service to access the services of others.  By that, I mean AT&T and Verizon have said that they'll be charging us to use services such as Youtube, Skype, Facebook, etc.  Essentially, this would make you pay to access the internet after already being charged to access the internet because of the high amounts of bandwidth used in these activities.  If you've taken economics, you may know this term as double counting, and if you haven't, you know this as highway robbery.

If this goes through, it will just spit in the face of anything done in the preservation of net neutrality, and is actually exactly what net neutrality is trying to fight.  A free internet should be just that, free.  We pay for access to the net, we shouldn't be charged to access certain parts of it because "we said so"... but, hey, you can't charge everyone, can you?

Now, don't get me wrong, these companies have every right to try and charge these fees, but that doesn't mean we can't refute them.  Either way, the FCC will be discussing the matter of net neutrality on December, 21st, so I'm assuming we won't hear much on this until after that date.

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