13 December 2010

Praise the gaming gods!

When one thinks of Bethesda, many things pop into one's mind. Elder Scrolls, Fallout, That weird gear thingy behind their name, and finally, GLITCHES.

Falling through the earth, team members stopping in the middle of nowhere and just standing there(I'm looking at you, Veronica), the whole.... not sure what to call it, legs together, arms straight out Jesus hover thingy they do, and the ever infomous quest glitches(I'd name them all, but I'm afraid I'd be here all day).

They've been using this tired, old engine for years now. People that don't look like people, people who glow orange and those weird things with boobs that look like man ladies. Yes, it wasn't the best of days for the otherwise amazing, expansive games of Bethesada, but that's all about to change.

Bethesda has announced that their next Elder Scrolls game, titled Skyrim, will be on a brand new engine! Hopefully, this time around, they will make these games a bit more playable on the 360 and the PC. A bit more on the 360 side, just due to the fact that PC has some very tallented modders to pick up where the devs slacked off.

Either way, I'm now, although very reluctantly, in a state of optomism for the future of Fallout and the Elder Scrolls...

Via: Press Release, and Kotaku


  1. Isn't it Skyrim? I remember someone adding the i in