21 December 2010

Net Nuetrality...getting fought against?

There's a lot of fighting going on over how to make money with the whole Net Neutrality thing. I'm not actually completely sure what the entire thing is. According to most people, it's the ISP companies wanting to charge people to use the more common sites. I can grasp this concept pretty easily, but it just doesn't make much sense to me.

This is rooted in the argument that a lot of people going to the same sites bogs down their servers, or something. If the new toy at Wally-World is selling really well, should we start charging admission to get into the store? I mean, why would we want all of the customers taking our merchandise, using up our service?

Myself, I don't buy into the fact that ISPs are just trying to fund a premium service for a dedicated server to redirect people to youtube. The servers they're supposedly working on 24/7 to keep from exploding are the same servers we use every time a browser is opened. Maybe I'm just missing a huge part of the argument, but I think the ISPs are just trying to make an easy profit.

There's plenty of news coverage on the fights going over it, I'd cover them here, but probably wouldn't be able to properly cover them. Sorry if you were hoping for in-depth coverage over the issue, but you're only left with my thoughts on the matter.

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