14 December 2010

Android 2.2, E Readers and Explosions.... What's not to like?

The Nook Color is a marvelous device... not only is it an E Reader, it's running ANDROID, which is the single most amazing OS when it comes to modifying the device to do anything... even if that function may or may not have been in the item's original product description.

This little device has already been rooted and it didn't take long for those same people to throw Android 2.2(FroYo) on there. You'll need to head over to the XDA forums to get all the info on that, I'm not on a computer where I can get that link at the moment. Beyond that, Barnes & Noble has already stated that thie Nook will be getting the 2.2 update in January.

-off subject rant-
Can someone please tell me how an E READER got FroYo before my smart phone?
-end of rant-

The only problem with the update of 2.2 is that it requires you to disable the device's battery heat detector... thingy... and will continue to heat up. We all know what happens when a lithium ion battery gets too hot... that's right, it explodes, and while the kooks at Barnes & Noble will tell you there is a secondary temperature monitor which should keep things below the ignition point., I like to prepare for the worst... and by that I just wish I could see one of these things blow up.

Oh yeah... and B&N will be adding their own App Market, no Android market :|
(Unless you flash it :D)

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