16 December 2010

Interactive Comics, Quick and Easy

It looks like we're in the middle of the new generation of games. Look back to your past, and you can probably notice the patterns. Each generation begins with new games coming out, people fighting over which of the games are better than the others, etc etc. A year later, those games get sequels and the vigor inside everyone's heart is renewed to fuel further fighting.

If you've noticed my mentions regarding Sony's Console, the PlayStation 3, you may have been able to gather than I myself have one. To delve into my personal past a bit: A while after the console wars started, when Halo 3 came out actually, I joined the fight and bought an Xbox 360. After that, i enjoyed the games, buying many from stores and a few from the online market place. It was an enjoyable time, despite having to shell out 15 bucks a month for online connectivity.

A couple of House Moves later (As, I moved from house to house, location to location), my console was...lost. The worst part being that my saves went with the console. Some months after that, my birthday rolled around and I decided to pick up a PlayStation 3 over a new Xbox, to taste some of the exclusive titles it had.

Having new options open to me, however, closed the old ones. If you play on the PC or Xbox, you probably know of and have played the Mass Effect series. If you're a PlayStation 3 gamer, then...well, you have Killzone, right?

Fret not! There is a change coming! According to the developers, Mass Effect 2 will be ported to the PlayStation 3, and Mass Effect 3 will be released on the console. While this is nice, you probably noticed that Mass Effect 1 wasn't mentioned, meaning you won't be able to experience the game and make your own decisions to carry over into the later games.

Luckily, half of that is false and taken care of. After playing through the tutorial level of Mass Effect 2, an interactive comic will begin, it'll go through the events of the first game, allowing you to make 6 of the major decisions that carry over.

But, wait! There's more! The game will come with all of the DLC already available to the PC and Xbox gamers. All in all, a good buy, one I might make myself despite having it on the PC; it's as close to an Ultimate Version you're going to get.

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