09 December 2010

Chew on this, Jobs!

As of today, Android phones are now being activated over 300,000 times a day. That's right, three-hundred thousand new devices each and every day.

This news comes just four months after they announced the activation of over 200,000 new Android devices every day in August.

So what if Steve Jobs made some snide comments about the numbers? Who cares if Jobs is losing ground in the smart phone industry? I know I don't, and the fact that Android devices are slowly creeping up on the cult that is Apple makes me silently happy. It's nice to see that superior functionality, ease of use and a removeable battery are finally triumphing over the droves of people mindlessly buying into the "iLife".

Call me a fanboy, call me a hater, call me whatever you want. The simple fact is, apple is losing this battle, and in the end, the superior product will win.

Via: @Arubin, and Engadget

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