02 December 2010

Oh, Super Meatboy, you so crazay

So, the whole 5 of you who read this blog are about to see the end(hopefully) of the SMB V PETA headbutting match. SMB has released a playable tofu character in their lasted patch of SMB on steam.

This whole thing, has done nothing but make PETA look even more retarded and make SMB that much more famous. They put out their little 'game' to mock the animal hating designer of SMB(did I forget to mention he's not made of animal meat?), and he sells a couple hundred more copies of his game. In my book, that's a win win for everybody!

http://supermeatboy.com/65/Super_Meat_Boy_vs_Peta_/#b - sauce
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1 comment:

  1. I like this quote:
    "Putting all my cards on the table right now, I actually repeatedly made fake user names in Peta's forum pushing the game at them in hopes something like this would happen..."

    I am now going to buy this game, just cause that guy is so fucking awesome.

    And thanks for the sauce