07 December 2010

On the road to Cataclysm!(Image Heavy)

Oh hey, what's that? A ROAD?!(See what I did there? -insert knee slap here-)

But, seriously, last night I went to my first midnight release for a game that I'm probably on the edge of being obsesses with.

Who am I kidding? If I had a PC, this game would be consuming every fiber of my being. Leveling, questing, running dungeons. Just the memory of being in the dark, with only the dull light of my monitor, for hours on end makes me wish I was there again. That being said, I no longer have a PC... so, if you'd click some adds, I'd appreciate it

< But, that's really all I can say about this that the pictures won't. I've got some pictures from inside as well as unboxing. Enjoy! Sorry in advance for how dark these pictures are.
Oh hai, gamestop.

Inside... and lines

More lines :|

YAY! I got the collectors edition!

Cue the dramatic music...

There it is, everything I wanted in a collectors edition.

Behind the scenes DVD - Honestly, this is the main reason I bought this collectors edition. I'm a huge behind the scenes junky... I actually watched this thing until I had about five minutes to get to work and was almost late.

Mousepad - Surprisingly good quality, and the deathwing print on it is absolutely amazing. I actually don't want to use it. Probably going to end up buying a new one so I don't have to.

Deck of WoW TCG cards - I don't know, maybe this will actually get me into it... but as far as I know, not many people play in Oklahoma, let alone where I live.

WoW: Cataclysm expansion CD - not much i can say about this one...

Collectors edition soundtrack - I didn't think much of this until I listened to it... the orchestra Blizzard got to do these tracks deserve a gold freakin' star. Seriously, I never really cared for the 30 second tracks Blizzard slapped together. I mean, they rarely played anyway... Anyway, I love 'em and will probably end up putting them on my Captivate.

Art book - have yet to open it, but I'm an art junky, it'll probably open that up tonight and check it out.

2 starcraft trials and 2 WoW trials.... I guess I'll give em away if anyone wants them.  I still have mine from SC2 :|

Mini Deathwing - Fuck yeah! Seaking!


  1. Wanna give me the trials?

    So far WoW has just been boring "kill 3 X's and come back" style quests. I know it's just the easy, tutorial-like beginning part of a much larger game, but I had a LOT more fun in Runescape's tutorial. And Runescape sucks ass.

    Despite all that, free stuff is always appreciated...

  2. HAW HAW, REAL KNEE SLAPPER MAN. U SO FUNNI. Your choice in gaming is just awe inspiring. You have a watered down version of a game that became awful about the time of it's first expansion. I bet you think it's the best thing to happen to gaming since CS. Also: Fuck yeah, Seaking? Wow, bro. Way to spice up your article with shitty forced memes.

    I hope you liked spending $100 on this, though it would have been wiser to save it for the expensive brain correction operation costs you'll undoubtedly incur very soon.