12 December 2010

Don't mind me, just posting a mouse... or am I?

As technology moves on, we continue to stuff everything we can into one device. Microwaves have clocks on them, watches have calculators on them, cell phones have calculators, gaming consoles, clocks, radios, televisions, internet browsers, text messaging systems, cameras, music players, and uhhh... oh yeah, they have phones on them too.(Hense the name)

The same can now be said for our computer mice. Shogun Bros has released a mouse that doubles as a, wait for it.... GAMEPAD! Now, you may be asking yourself, "Well, who uses a gamepad?", and to that I respond... that's a good question. To my knowledge, gamepads aren't exactly the best thing in the world for PC gaming. I guess if you have a game that /requires/ a gamepad, this would be usefull, but other than that, it just seems uselss.

On the other hand, it's actually a decent mouse. Now, I'm going to stress that it's decent because it has a 1600dpi optical sensor, which has a 5-stage adjustor on it, and a 125Hz polling rate, which, again, is decent. It also has a 14-button controller on the botom, which I'll probably need to test before I say anything about it... or wait for Gizmodo to do it.

Either way, with those specs and a controller on the botom, the selling point is really what make this mouse worth it. It's been announced to be $55 and available in Q1 2011. Yeah, you could get a better mouse for that price. Yeah, you could get a better gamepad at that price, but could you get BOTH?!

Via: Engadget

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  1. The PlayStation 3 will accept most PC gamepads as a controller, I believe. You could also use the Mouse half for the browser, if you are so inclined.