04 December 2010

Good news for those of you who enjoy your PC

Everyone in the FPS world knows that mouse+keyboard beats a controller ANY day of the week. The level of control is second to none and the overall feel of it is just better. It seems as though people out there agree enough with that to warrant an entire peripheral dedicated just to this.

That, my friends, is essentially a virtual Xbox 360 controller with USB and PS/2 ports to allow you to have your cake and eat it to. Now you can enjoy any FPS game not available on the PC(Halo Reach anyone?) with your beloved mouse and keyboard. Now, I assume this will be able to be used on any number of games and a range of genres, but as of now they're advertising this item as a tool for the hardcore FPS gamer.

You might wonder why I used the term hardcore... well, it's due to the hardcore price. The XIM 2 mod, which actually took a bit of tinkering with to get working, cost a healthy $179.95. This new model, which, to my knowledge, requires no modding on the consumers part, will probably cost quite a bit more. This thing is literally plug and play, nothing more.

There's no set date for this product to come out, just yet, but when this thing comes out, I'm fairly certain that everyone who thought they were going to be using this thing will quickly realize their parents just "don't have the money".

Via: Coated and Engadget

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  1. I know why you used the term hardcore. It's because you're an unbelievable douchebag. HURR DURR, HALO NE1? Pinnacle of FPS, amirite? You're a dick and your writing comes off as arrogant.